Upload Your Inventory

How do I register?
On the Home page, click the register button. Proceed to enter the data into the appropriate field.

Can I register several employees from different company branches under the same account?

Why are there multiple contact fields?
In the case you would like for ex. a component or RFQ to be sent to a alternate employee, you can use these additional fields to register those additional employees. When your ready to make your selection, simply choose one of your alternate employees. For example: One person submits RFQ's, another person handles invoices.

How do I search for a part?
On the top of the Part Page use the search box to search by part number or by part manufacturer.

What type of items can be uploaded to EPRcenter?
EPRc allows the inventory upload of just about every type of electronic component or related service.

How do I upload my inventory and which formats are accepted?
Upload your inventory by clicking on the Upload Inventory button. Your data file must be in TXT tab delimited or CSV comma delimited format only, with a maximum file size of 1.2mb or 25,000 line items. CSV comma delimited file format can be used only if there are no commas in any fields in your file. If you are not sure - use TXT tab delimited format.

How do I create a TXT tab delimited or CSV comma delimited file?
Please view our online tutorial, which can be viewed here:

How do I check my messages?
This can be achieved by clicking on the Messages tab. Users can locate a specific message, searching by the type of message, Mem Id, To Mem Id, Manfacturer or Part Number.

What is the Support page about?
From the tickets page you can keep track of your support Requests. Here you can view all support requests submitted by your company, as well as responses by the EPRc staff.