Upload Your Inventory
EPRcenter is proud to introduce one of the most robust trading platforms on the planet. The design of our system is directed towards the trading of electronic components, while providing a medium for our members to develop and establish solid business relationships. Our dynamic searching system and interactive networking platform, not only provides access to millions of component line items, covering every type of integrated circuit, but it also provides members an efficient method to create and sustain networks of like minded individuals. The internal rating system, completely controlled by our members, provides further insight into the experience of members with a specific buyer or supplier. Recommendations are entirely maintained by the EPRcenter members, providing greater assurance that the risk of dealing with a new vendor, is further minimized by the positive experiences from other EPRcenter members. Designed with powerful sourcing and procurement capabilities, our services are all easily accessible in a fast, neutral, and vendor friendly environment.

Upload Information

The EPRCenter database is designed to be used by electronic component suppliers, buyers and procurement professionals.
Suppliers are required to update their inventory at least onces a month. Search results are sorted by upload date, so the inventory uploaded recently is displayed on the top of the list.
You may upload your inventory daily using online upload form and email.
With each new upload the old data is always overwritten.
EPRCenter does not provide any interface or tools for manupulating and editing the uploaded data.
To keep out database up to date EPRCenter reserves the right to purge the records that are more than 30 days old.

Please, submit only those parts that you have in stock.

Inventory File Format

Inventory file must contain data fields for Part Number Manufacturer, Description and Quantity.

Inventory Upload Methods

There are several methods of getting your inventory into the EPRCenter database:
E-Mail Attachment (preferred inventory upload method)
EPRCenter can accept almost any inventory file type for Email Attachments including text (txt), comma delimited (csv) or Excel (xls) with reasonable number of columns and any column order. We prefer zipped attachments up to 8MB in size.

Upload Online

EPRCenter can process your data automatically if you will be using 4 column templates in Tab Delimited or CSV formats. Tab Delimited (.txt) format is preferred because it allows to have commas in the Description column. Uploading process consists of 4 steps:

1. uploading your Tab Delimited file
2. previewing 10 rows of data to check if there are any problems
3. inserting data into the database
4. previewing the inserted data
There is a file size limitation for Online Upload: 1.2MB which is approximately corresponds to 20,000 to 24,000 parts and may take up to 25 seconds to be inserted into the DB.
Note that rows with missing quantities and part numbers will not be inserted.